Royal Garden Bodycare


530 City Road, South Melbourne

Phone (03) 9696 4021


29 Johnson Street, Reservoir
(Melways Map 8 J12)

Phone (03) 9460 2148


Monday - Saturday 10am - 9pm
(appointments preferred)
Sunday (Reservoir) 11.00 am to 7.00 pm



The foot is considered as a road map to tension and congestion in the body. The Oriental art of working on pressure points on the feet has its beginnings in China over2000 years ago. Using massage and firm contact on reflex points on the feet, the reflexologist can determine the body's weak points and stimulate the blood flow to balance and decongest the body. You will feel lighter, more relaxed and be stimulated with warm, tingling feet.

In addition we, at Royal Garden Body Care, use a special herbal product from China in our foot baths. These herbs combine to give a soothing, medicinal feeling to those tired feet and along with a foot spa and pedicure provide the ultimate in foot treatment.