Royal Garden Bodycare


530 City Road, South Melbourne

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29 Johnson Street, Reservoir
(Melways Map 8 J12)

Phone (03) 9460 2148


Monday - Saturday 10am - 9pm
(appointments preferred)
Sunday (Reservoir) 11.00 am to 7.00 pm


Massage - Relaxation and Stress Relief  

Benefits | Relaxation

Swedish massage provides total relaxation, rest and recuperation for the tired body. Medium to firm pressure is applied during the massage which gently soothes and stimulates the soft tissue and muscles. It is an excellent way to calm the nerves and improve overall circulation. Hawaiian massage uses a gentle, flowing technique from head to toe.

Chinese, Thai and Shiatsu massage use time-honoured Oriental techniques such as acu-pressure, rubbing, kneading and stroking. Traditional Chinese remedial massage involves deep tissue work and specific acu-pressure points.

Traditional Thai massage is usually performed at floor level without the use of oil. Acu-pressure and the stretching of limbs is used to relax muscle tension and open the meridians (channels) through which the Chi (life force) flows. In addition, treading on the back and legs is carried out by trained therapists in our specially-equipped studio. (See photo)

Remedial and Sports massage focuses on the body's natural healing processes. Stiffness, tension and sports injuries respond very well to this type of massage which uses a series of specialized movements such as deep tissue pressure applied to muscles and joints.